Late March and it’s still freezing

Well hello Spring! So nice of you to finally show up, maybe you can convince Winter it’s time to leave?

I remember when we lived on Vancouver Island the trees would blossom as early as February, a strange sight to me because I was still very much used to the cold winters of Newfoundland. Now that I’m back east I’m happy to report Prince Edward Island winters are very much like the winters I loved in Newfoundland, including the fact that they don’t go just because the calendar says so.

That’s not to say I’m not looking forward to actual Spring, and with April closing in I dare say it shouldn’t be too far away anymore. Here are some pictures from last week:

I caught this mink snoozing on the riverbank in Priest Pond, he had his eyes closed the whole time until he woke up from the sounds of my approach. Here are his tracks in the snow:

Erosion is a recurring theme around the island, I see it everywhere I go. This is a house on Panmure Island that’s not long for this world:

Also on Panmure Island, I drove past this abandoned house in the woods, a nice setting for a scary movie perhaps?

These last two shots were taken in Souris, close to where Marije works:

This ‘window in the rocks’ is another example of erosion, in this case of the scenic variety.

More March sea ice

March continues with its cycle of thawing and refreezing, bringing muddy trails one day and solid frozen ones the next. Rubber boots are indispensable when you’re out and about on Prince Edward Island:

Muddy trail above and a frozen road below:

The highlight of March is still the sea ice, it comes and goes with the wind, this week we finally had ice in Souris and in other places it hadn’t been before:

Sea ice at Red Point Provincial Park:

And sea ice at Basin Head Provincial Park:

Spring is in the air

Sure it’s still snowing and storming and freezing, but for a few days a week the sun does shine and it surely feels like spring isn’t all that far away anymore. Here are some photos from this week and last week, from Kings County, Queens County, and Prince County:

The two shots above were taken at the Kildare Capes, where erosion has carved out all sorts of interesting caves and shapes in the cliffs.

This next shot shows a ‘wave of erosion’ facing the pack ice near Savage Harbour:

Sea glass I found at the beach there:

When I’m driving I see foxes all the time, sometimes I have my camera next to me so I can take their picture:

These last 3 shots were taken yesterday on a long walk to Blooming Point:

There is now so much ice covering the sea around PEI you cannot see the end of it, on satellite photos you can see it is as wide as the island itself!

Snowbanks on Basin Head beach

Last Monday I went for a walk at Basin Head beach, which was covered in strange snowbanks that were crumbling at the surf’s edge. In most places this wall of snow was no more then knee high, while in other places it rose well above my head. A curious scene I must say, but very scenic too:2017-02-27__09-49-15

2017-02-27__08-36-04 2017-02-27__09-20-52

In one place I was able to crawl underneath a piece of snow to photograph the icicles dripping down:


About halfway up the beach, I saw this small shipwreck in the surf, it was about 10 metres long and I hadn’t seen it before. By the looks of it it wasn’t much more than wood and a rusty engine:


Next time I’m at this beach I’ll be sure to look if it’s still there!

A few days of warm weather

Weather-wise, this week was a welcome change of pace for Prince Edward Island. Instead of winter storm after winter storm we enjoyed several days of warm and sunny weather, with one day even reaching 6° above zero.

I took the opportunity to go out and explore, here are some photos from around Kings County.

First up are two shots from the north shore, where there is still an abundance of sea ice:



I also enjoyed using my snowshoes again, you don’t really need them on the coast itself but all the backroads and forest trails that lead out to the coast are still buried in deep snow:




It was great to be out on the coastal trails again:



And out on the beach:


And out on the sea ice itself:


All in all, it was a beautiful week as I’m sure you’ll agree!

White horizon at Orby Head

This weekend Marije and I drove along the north shore of the island to see the state of the sea ice, these shots are from Orby Head near Cavendish:

2017-02-18__13-37-43 2017-02-18__13-43-30 2017-02-18__13-43-43

That last shot is a closeup of the sea ice near shore, where you can clearly see the ice is covered by a thick blanket of snow.

Blue sky between blizzards

Last week’s blizzard had us stuck inside for a day, but in the weekend all was well again, we even saw the sun! Today there’s another blizzard coming so again we’re well prepared to wait it out. Until that time, here’s a picture of the sea ice that’s slowly embracing our island:

End of the Road - East Point, PEI

End of the Road – East Point, PEI

In this satellite picture you can see what’s going on – the red dot is Souris, where we live, the yellow dot is East Point, where I took the picture above:


I hope in a few weeks time we’ll be fully enclosed!