Vacation on PEI – mid-May

Here’s a nice mix of images from the first week of our vacation in the Maritimes, all were taken in mid-May on Prince Edward Island:

As you can see it’s a little bit of everything, wildlife, scenery, some experimental stuff, a nice mix! 🙂

Return to Routine

As expected our 5-week trip around the Maritimes was great, it really was, but as you know all good things come to an end and by now I’ve already returned to my normal life. Walking along beaches, watching wildlife, photographing sunsets, oh wait, I suppose it’s not that different from vacation after all, our life on Prince Edward Island is pretty good!

Anyway, this week I’ll be going through my vacation pictures and after I make a selection I’ll happily share a bunch of them here.

An update from the road, part 2

Look who’s joined us for the 2nd part of our trip, it’s my sister:

We’ve already enjoyed a few beautiful days on Prince Edward Island and soon we’ll set out to explore New Brunswick and Nova Scotia too!

More updates when we return.

An update from the road

Tomorrow is our last day on Prince Edward Island and I’m glad to say the sun will be shining all the way to the ferry terminal in Nova Scotia, our last stop before sailing to Newfoundland. In our week on PEI we’ve had sun and rain and everything in between, with temperatures ranging from 2 to 20 degrees Celsius, pretty decent for mid-May…

Today was quite cold and drizzly though, so we returned to the cabin early to do our laundry and browse through the pictures I’ve taken so far.

Have a look:

These are the rock formations at Thunder Cove, the last time I was there there was a tunnel leading out to the ‘teacup rock’ you can see in the background, but when I was there this week it had collapsed, probably due to the rain we had last week. That’s erosion at work, always shaping our coastline!

The next photo shows mom at the West Point lighthouse:

Those big rubber boots we got are really coming in handy! They’re useful on the cliffs and on the beach:

These last two shots also show the difference in weather we’ve had on PEI this week. 🙂

Mom’s here!

Look who’s here, my mom!

She’s here for a 5 week visit, and in just these last 3 days we’ve already seen lots and lots of the island. Spring is everywhere, new leaves, green grass, flowers, and animals, so our tour of Prince Edward Island is off to a great start!

I posted another story about our route a while back.

A family of foxes

Look who’s been living underneath our deck:

Pretty cute right?

We’ve been aware of a family of foxes around our house for a while now. Last month they lived underneath our deck for a short while: mom, dad, and 4 little ones. We found out thanks to the digging and barking of the neighbour’s dog, who was not at all pleased with these scruffy squatters. Shortly after the dog discovered them, the foxes left for a safer and quieter den somewhere nearby. Because we have an infrared wildlife camera set up we were able to see mom carry the kits off one by one. Since that night in mid-April they have stayed away, with only dad coming by every night to see if the den was still empty.

Yesterday however, and very much to our delight, the entire family showed up on our doorstep again! Perhaps they were rained out of their other den, the weather has been very wet for a few days now. Best of all, because the fox kits have grown a lot bigger they now show themselves during the day too, it’s great to be able to watch these little rascals right from the living room windows! 🙂

First warm week of 2017

This week has been very nice, the snow is finally gone, there’s been lots of sunshine, and I’ve been out and about without the need for a jacket for several days now, welcome spring 🙂

Here’s a few pictures from this week: