PEI Winter of 2018/2019

Here are 10 photos from beautiful PEI this winter:

Pretty nice if I do say so myself 🙂


Winter sunrise on red cliffs

Marije and I just got back from a lovely weekend getaway in Queens County. This morning when Marije was still asleep and warm in our comfy bed at the inn, I was out on the cliffs taking in a beautiful sunrise:

While there’s not much snow where I’m standing, the walk to get there took me through snowdrifts over 1 metre deep. Add to that a windchill of -21 Celsius and you’ll understand why I returned in time for breakfast. 😉

When I take a look at the weather forecast now I see lots of mild days ahead, it’s an exciting time of year: spring is in the air…

March ice around Prince Edward Island

Take a look at today’s satellite photo, Prince Edward Island is surrounded by sea ice:

As you can see by the big gaps north of Malpeque and south of Souris we’ve been dealing with strong westerly winds for the past few weeks, and many are the nights when fierce gusts of wind shake the house and wake us up from our pleasant dreams of summer.

Here’s what the sea ice looks like a little closer to the planet:

This is on the north shore, with snow covered dunes in the foreground and sea ice as far as the eye can see…

Sea ice puzzle

Here’s another aerial artwork from Prince Edward Island’s frozen shores:
It looks like someone took a hammer to this patch of ice, but of course the sea needs no help creating something like this. In case you were wondering about scale, this photo covers an area of about 32 by 24 meters.

Mountain ranges of Prince Edward Island

Now that I’ve published the latest and greatest edition of my East Coast Trail Guide (link), I have some more time on my hands to take in the local winter scenery. Here’s another nice sunset, this one’s over the Northumberland Strait:

The sea around the island has frozen over in most places, but there are still some gaps. When sea ice is shoved back and forth by the currents beneath, icy ridges are formed, like you see in this picture. To an imaginative mind, these ridges may resemble vast windswept mountain ranges, while in truth they are usually no taller than 2 metres.

Sunset hockey in Souris

Hockey is not often scenic, but when you add a sunset, that changes:

This is in Souris, practically in our backyard. 🙂

Sea ice sunrise

Sea ice season has begun on Prince Edward Island:

I shot this photo yesterday at sunrise, these ice pans are small and slushy for now, but soon they’ll become large and firm, eventually growing strong enough to support heavy packs of snow, turning the entire horizon bright white. 🙂