The most colourful time of the year

Happy Thanksgiving everybody 🙂


Vacation in Prince County

Our vacation in Prince County has come and gone, my mom and sister and I had a great time and lovely weather for the most part, so let’s have a look at some colourful PEI pictures 🙂

As you can see, plenty of sunshine, great scenery, and lovely company! 🙂

Dorian storm damage

It’s been a week since Dorian blew over PEI, and power has now been restored to most of the island. During my travels this week I’ve seen countless trees down or leaning on power lines, and also some structural damage to buildings. Many provincial parks have substantial damage, and every bit of coast I’ve visited has taken a beating, in some cases losing up to 10 feet of cliffside.

My mom is visiting at the moment, having planned her vacation long before hurricane season. We are staying in Prince County for 2.5 weeks, and West Point is one of the first places we visited after the storm:

The damage is obvious, there used to be dunes and a boardwalk here. After they were washed away during a previous storm, a temporary new dune area and a barricade were put in place, but all that has washed away now too.

Tomorrow my sister will be joining us for the remainder of the vacation, let’s hope we get some sunshine so I can show you more colourful pictures in my next update! 🙂

Hurricane Watch

Hurricane Dorian is huge and it’s coming our way as a category 1 storm:

We expect it to arrive tomorrow evening, bringing damaging winds, torrential rain, and storm surges along the coast. Thanks to early weather warnings we are fully stocked and prepared for the power outages that will surely accompany this storm, we’re just hoping the wind won’t damage the house…

Sunset seals

It’s always nice to find seals hauled out, basking in the warm sunlight. 🙂

While the sun shines

A photo from last week, as right now it’s quite rainy, there’s even a tropical cyclone on the way…

A look at the forecast tells me summer will be back with more sunshine in September though 🙂

Summer showers over PEI

We’ve had some thunderstorms rolling over the island this week:

The dark clouds in this one contrasted nicely with a field of gold. 🙂