Back on Red Soil

Marije and I have been away for a while: we spent 3 weeks in Holland visiting our family and friends. This was the longest trip to Holland in the 9 years since we left there and we both thoroughly enjoyed our stay.

This week we’re back on PEI again. While we were initially fatigued by the jet-lag, we’ve since replenished our energy by spending lots of time outdoors enjoying our island’s peaceful beaches and vibrant fall colours:

Happy Thanksgiving weekend everybody!


The summer of ’17

Labour Day is here and with it comes the unofficial end of summer on Prince Edward Island. And what a beautiful summer it has been! I explored much of the island, enjoyed new beaches and scenic drives, but why tell you when I can just go ahead and show you…

Here’s a photo series of PEI’s summer of 2017:

A beautiful summer for a beautiful island, I’m sure you’ll agree!

43% Solar Eclipse from Prince Edward Island

This afternoon I observed the Partial Solar Eclipse from the comfort of my backyard. I took a series of photos to show the entire transit as visible from Souris, Prince Edward Island:

The big partial disk centred above is the 43% eclipse, the maximum obscuration phase at my location. The spots on the sun are sunspots, each big enough to swallow the Earth whole. Pretty cool eh?

Summer scenery on PEI

It’s still very much summer here on PEI, it’s nice and warm and pretty, so Marije and I are making the most of it while we can. Here are some photos from the past few weeks:

Too bad all those blueberries are not wild, they are commercial crops not meant to be picked by anyone but their owners.

July on PEI

This is our very first July on PEI and we’re loving it, here are some pictures of our summer so far:

Souris’ Canada Day fireworks were beautiful, we enjoyed the entire show from our deck.

These are shots from our first summer boat tour, we were hoping to see some whales on a tour out of North Lake, but no luck there, we did see lots of gannets and a small group of porpoises though:

Since the boat tour also offered fishing, many people reeled in mackerel after mackerel. It wasn’t long before one of the gannets got caught up in the fishing line when it tried to make off with a hooked fish. A few exciting moments later the bird was free again, and none the worse for wear:

Lupines have been decorating the roadside of late, they’re numerous and very pretty:

This is Marije on the new boardwalk in Greenwich, PEI NP:

A yellow warbler was hunting bugs near the boardwalk:

We’ve already enjoyed a few days at the beach:

And last but not least, last night we enjoyed a display of the northern lights:

And now you’re up to date!

Vacation in Atlantic Canada – early June

These are the images from the last 2 weeks of our vacation in which we toured Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia:

These next shots are from the Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick:

And the remaining shots are from Peggys Cove and Cape Breton in Nova Scotia:

And that was the last shot, taken on the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton Highlands National Park, a beautiful area I’d love to visit again some day.

Vacation on PEI – mid-May

Here’s a nice mix of images from the first week of our vacation in the Maritimes, all were taken in mid-May on Prince Edward Island:

As you can see it’s a little bit of everything, wildlife, scenery, some experimental stuff, a nice mix! 🙂