MacKenzies Brook sea arch

Sea arches and other delicate rock formation are a common feature of Prince Edward Island’s red sandstone shore, but these formations never stay the same for very long:

Sea arch at MacKenzies Brook – PEI National Park, Cavendish

For example, this is the sea arch at MacKenzies Brook in PEI National Park near Cavendish.

I remember seeing this rock formation as a small hole in the cliffs when I first visited this location in the fall of 2016. Now, nearly 5 years later, the small hole has turned into a large arch, and I imagine in a few more years the rock face on the left will be a free standing rock, also called a sea stack.

Ice season is here

Ice season is here and that means it’s just beautiful outside:

Sea ice and red cliffs at sunset – Prince Edward Island

Current sea ice situation around Prince Edward Island

Every day I’m keeping an eye on the ice charts, and maybe soon we’ll have some sea ice in Souris too. We are always the last ones to get it on PEI but as you can see in the picture it’s well worth the wait. 🙂

St. Peters Bay Orange Tree

There’s an orange tree on PEI, but not the kind that bears fruit:

St. Peters Bay Orange Tree – Prince Edward Island

You can see this striking artwork just east of St. Peters Bay, and read more about it in this story at CBC. 🙂

More winter please

Walking to the sea – Rock Barra

February is here and I hope we’ll soon see more snow and far colder temperatures. As you can see in the photo above, yes there is snow on the ground, but we could easily do with some more! 🙂

Frozen Greenwich Dunes Trail

Temperatures dropped sharply this week, with many freshwater ponds and even some saltwater bays freezing over. Walking PEI National Park’s Greenwich Dunes Trail in the bitter cold, I was pleased to have the whole park to myself:

Greenwich Dunes Trail – PEI NP

Greenwich Dunes Trail – PEI NP

Greenwich Dunes Trail – PEI NP

Greenwich Dunes Trail – PEI NP

Stay warm everybody 🙂

New Year’s Day Sunset

The first day of the year was a cold one, and I spent the last few hours of it at the beach, quietly watching the sun set:

Sunset at Red Point Provincial Park – Prince Edward Island

Yesterday, a snowfall warning was in effect so Marije and I stayed inside as flurries started swirling around the house. Today, we waited until well in the afternoon before stepping outside and digging out. There was about a foot of snow all around the house, and even more on the car. Winter weather is here! 🙂

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas & Happy new Year

From PEI to the rest of the world: best wishes for the new year!

This year our Christmas card features the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, which you can see just above Marije’s name. 🙂

Early winter around Souris

It’s getting colder with every passing day, but every now and then it’s still beautiful outside. Here are 2 views from early winter around Souris:

Boardwalk in Souris, Prince Edward Island

Days like these are great for hitting the beach and walking the local forest trails, but then there’s also plenty of days like these:

A light cover of snow on Prince Edward Island

While we are looking forward to the coming 4 or 5 months of winter, we’re looking forward to spring even more… 😉

Preparing for winter

Yesterday I stumbled upon this chipmunk preparing for winter:

Eastern chipmunk – Prince Edward Island

Cute little bugger isn’t he? 🙂

Warm fall day at the beach

On Prince Edward Island, November isn’t known for its balmy weather, but this week we got it anyway: 2 days above 20 degrees!

A sunny November day at the beach

To mark this unusual occasion I enjoyed an afternoon in the warm sand, that’s an aerial view of me on the beach in the picture above. 🙂