Snowy Souris from above

Winter came early this year, just have a look at this photo from a few weeks ago:

Snowy Souris, Prince Edward Island

It’s been like this for a while now, with plenty of snow, plenty of cold, and even a powerful winter storm that knocked out the power for a full day in Souris, and much longer for some other towns.

Just in case you were wondering, yes I have been quiet for a while, but not without reason: my computer broke down shortly after I got back from Cape Breton. After that, I spent the better part of a month in Newfoundland, and today, at long last, I was able to fix my system. 🙂


Prince Edward Island & Cape Breton 2018

Yesterday we dropped off Marije’s parents at the airport, and after nearly 3 weeks of picture perfect scenery and unbelievably good weather, we all agreed it was a great vacation!

Here are some photos from our tour across Prince Edward Island and Cape Breton:

This weekend it’s still 30+ degrees on the humidex, so Marije and I are enjoying some time at the beach before she has to get back to work on Monday. 🙂

Touring the island

Here are some more pictures from our sightseeing trips around the island, and a little off the island too:

As you can see the weather has been great so far! 🙂

Summer vacation 2018

Marije’s parents are visiting us this summer and even though today was just the first day of their stay, we’re already having a good time:

In the coming weeks we’re doing a lot of sightseeing around the island and I’ll be sure to share some more pictures as time allows. 🙂

Hot summer on PEI

It’s been a very hot summer here on Prince Edward Island, with nearly constant heat warnings for much of July, and very similar weather now that we’re halfway into August. Still, I can’t stay inside for all of these warnings: it may be too hot to go for a hike but nothing’s keeping me from taking a few aerial pictures, which is a rather low-impact way of exploring the island.

Here are some pictures from up above:

And here are some pictures from down below:

This little harbour seal approached me yesterday while I was taking pictures by the shore. At one point it was almost close enough to touch, with the young animal showing nothing but curiosity towards me. 🙂

Escaping a hot and sticky summer

When summers are as hot as this, with mosquitos everywhere and frequent heat warnings that tell you to avoid exercise outside, you’ll forgive me when I say I prefer hiking in the spring, fall, and even winter. These past weeks the temperature has frequently soared close to 40° Celsius on the humidex scale, that’s to say the actual temperature is closer to 30° but the humidity makes it practically unbearable, unless you have air conditioning in your home.

Our home does not have air conditioning, but our car does, so on weekends we sometimes escape the heat by going for long drives. This past weekend Marije and I visited the North Cape near Norway, a small town on the west side of Prince Edward Island:

The Black Marsh Nature Trail to the North Cape is apparently the only area on the island where bakeapples grow:

There were pitcher plants in this marsh too, so the whole thing reminded me a little bit of Newfoundland. 🙂

Sunset over Colville Bay

Last night we had a lovely summer sunset over Colville Bay in Souris.