Sunset cliffs in Naufrage

Last night I drove over to the north shore of the island to take in the sunset:

Down on the cliffs the colours of the evening sky were reflected in the tidal pools, but there was something less pleasant out and about too: the clouds of blackflies and mosquitos that hovered above… Yikes! That’s summer for you, warm sunsets and a ton of mosquitos. 🙂


A hummingbird at our feeder

Last month I mentioned Marije and I were waiting for hummingbirds to arrive at our feeder, well, here is one now:

This is a female, lovely but quite plain compared to the more colourful male. If he ever shows up while I’m outside waiting I’ll share him with you too. 🙂

Lovely spring day in Greenwich

With sunny skies above, I spent a few hours walking the pleasant trails of Prince Edward Island National Park in Greenwich today:

Sanderson Farm Trail – PEI NP, Greenwich

Tlaqatik Trail – PEI NP, Greenwich

Greenwich Dunes Trail – PEI NP, Greenwich

Summer’s not far away now 🙂

A snake in the woods

Marije and I enjoyed a lovely walk in the woods today, and look what we found:

This snake was quite happy to get its picture taken, before slithering off. 🙂

Waiting for hummingbirds

Spring is here! April was a wet and muddy affair but I’m happy to say we’re past that now. Roads are becoming more accessible by the day, the beach is nice on most days too, and we’ve even had a day or two where it was warm enough to sit outside.

We have lots of birds around the house, nesting grackles, song sparrows, belted kingfishers and bald eagles, and we’re expecting another bird to join them next week – our residential hummingbird – so I’ve put up the feeder:

As you can see this shot was taken on a nice warm day (yesterday), when Marije was enjoying some time out on the deck after work. 🙂

PEI Winter of 2018/2019

Here are 10 photos from beautiful PEI this winter:

Pretty nice if I do say so myself 🙂

Winter sunrise on red cliffs

Marije and I just got back from a lovely weekend getaway in Queens County. This morning when Marije was still asleep and warm in our comfy bed at the inn, I was out on the cliffs taking in a beautiful sunrise:

While there’s not much snow where I’m standing, the walk to get there took me through snowdrifts over 1 metre deep. Add to that a windchill of -21 Celsius and you’ll understand why I returned in time for breakfast. 😉

When I take a look at the weather forecast now I see lots of mild days ahead, it’s an exciting time of year: spring is in the air…