Raccoon & Ermine

Today I bumped into a raccoon at the beach, and since I found it in the exact same spot as my previous encounter, it’s probably the same one. Just like last time he didn’t mind getting his picture taken:

Raccoon in a tight spot – Souris

Later in the afternoon I spotted an ermine, who was also quite curious:

Ermine among the rocks – Souris

Pretty fun encounters, brief though they were 🙂

Spring walk in Souris

Today the weather was nice enough for a walk without a jacket:

PEI dirt road – Souris

Confederation Trail – near Souris

On my walk down the Confederation Trail I was happy to be the only person there, though there were lots of other creatures around, I spotted at least a dozen squirrels and chipmunks, and a fair number of colourful songbirds. 🙂

Snowy Grackle

Here’s a grackle outside our kitchen window:

Grackle in spring flurries – Souris

These birds return to our home every spring, and this year there are easily 60-80 of them. It’s hard to get an accurate count because they fly off as soon as they spot me at the window. Right now they’re all nesting and singing and chasing each other, the yard is a busy place. Hummingbirds will arrive soon too.

Marije and I are still doing well amid the pandemic and hope you are well too. At the moment there is just one active case of covid-19 on the island, so PEI has been very lucky. We are still taking strict precautions, Marije does all of our shopping, once every two weeks, and I clean every item that comes into our home. I stay home most of the time, though I’m looking forward to spending more time outside when the weather improves. 🙂

A quiet spring in Souris

Our backyard birds are singing all day long, building nests and chasing each other with amorous intent. On a walk around town I spotted these colourful blooms by the side of the road, so I dare say spring has arrived in Souris:

Spring crocus – Souris, PEI

I’m looking forward to exploring our local area the coming weeks, with roads now mostly snow free the forests will soon be accessible again, I just have to wait for the dirt roads to dry. Winter weather does occasionally interrupt our budding spring though, just yesterday we had a cover of snow coming down:

Spring flurries – Souris, PEI

I’m happy to report most of it has melted by now 🙂

Spring Snowfall and Staying Safe

Migratory birds have arrived on Prince Edward Island, we’ve had robins and grackles in the backyard for a while now, but that doesn’t mean spring weather is here too, in fact we’re on track to get a lot more snow this week, on top of all the snow we had yesterday:

Fox tracks in the snow – Red Point, PEI

This is a photo from this morning, when I was getting some fresh air at nearby Red Point.

I guess we could all use some fresh air right about now, because this pandemic, it’s distressing.

Marije and I are being very mindful about everything we do, while staying positive. We are taking the public health advisories and strict measures to heart, doing our part to slow the spread in our community. Also, I have asthma, so I don’t want to get anywhere near this bug.

One of the best ways to stay safe right now, social distancing, is right up my alley. When I’m outdoors hiking or photographing, I feel best when no one else is around for miles. And because Marije and I moved to Canada from Europe over a decade ago, we are already used to communicating with our family and friends over FaceTime.

We did have long-standing plans to visit Cape Breton next week, but we’ve canceled our trip in the face of what’s out there. For now, we are safer staying at home, and I hope that wherever you are, you are staying safe too.

Sea ice near shore

Late winter is sea ice season around Prince Edward Island, I snapped this photo yesterday from North Lake, a scenic 20 minute drive from our home:

Sunset over sea ice – Prince Edward Island

This year the sea ice comes and goes with the wind, and yesterday’s northerly winds brought plenty of it to our north shore:

March 8 2020 sea ice around PEI

This satellite photo shows there’s still plenty of winter snow on the ground, but robins have arrived too so spring is already on my mind. 🙂

Snowy forest at Basin Head

Prince Edward Island is still a winter wonderland, in case you were wondering:

Snowy forest – Prince Edward Island

This serene scene is from this morning, after yesterday’s ~20cm snowfall.