Ice season is here

Ice season is here and that means it’s just beautiful outside:

Sea ice and red cliffs at sunset – Prince Edward Island

Current sea ice situation around Prince Edward Island

Every day I’m keeping an eye on the ice charts, and maybe soon we’ll have some sea ice in Souris too. We are always the last ones to get it on PEI but as you can see in the picture it’s well worth the wait. 🙂

New Year’s Day Sunset

The first day of the year was a cold one, and I spent the last few hours of it at the beach, quietly watching the sun set:

Sunset at Red Point Provincial Park – Prince Edward Island

Yesterday, a snowfall warning was in effect so Marije and I stayed inside as flurries started swirling around the house. Today, we waited until well in the afternoon before stepping outside and digging out. There was about a foot of snow all around the house, and even more on the car. Winter weather is here! 🙂

Sunset light

Here’s a photo from last summer:

Dirt road at sunset – Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is filled with scenic little backroads like these, they go absolutely everywhere and cover way more ground than our paved roads. I love to go for walks on them, especially when there’s a breeze to keep the mosquitoes away. 🙂

Sea ice near shore

Late winter is sea ice season around Prince Edward Island, I snapped this photo yesterday from North Lake, a scenic 20 minute drive from our home:

Sunset over sea ice – Prince Edward Island

This year the sea ice comes and goes with the wind, and yesterday’s northerly winds brought plenty of it to our north shore:

March 8 2020 sea ice around PEI

This satellite photo shows there’s still plenty of winter snow on the ground, but robins have arrived too so spring is already on my mind. 🙂

Winter boardwalk in Souris

Check out the new boardwalk in Souris:

Boardwalk along Souris beach – Prince Edward Island

Looking pretty good in this cold winter sunset. 🙂

Red cliffs, white beach

Here’s a splash of colour and snow from yesterday’s sunset:

Winter cliffs at sunset – Souris

I took this photo while picking up Marije from work, just above these cliffs 🙂

Vacation in Prince County

Our vacation in Prince County has come and gone, my mom and sister and I had a great time and lovely weather for the most part, so let’s have a look at some colourful PEI pictures 🙂

As you can see, plenty of sunshine, great scenery, and lovely company! 🙂

Sunset seals

It’s always nice to find seals hauled out, basking in the warm sunlight. 🙂

Sunset cliffs in Naufrage

Last night I drove over to the north shore of the island to take in the sunset:

Down on the cliffs the colours of the evening sky were reflected in the tidal pools, but there was something less pleasant out and about too: the clouds of blackflies and mosquitos that hovered above… Yikes! That’s summer for you, warm sunsets and a ton of mosquitos. 🙂

Mountain ranges of Prince Edward Island

Now that I’ve published the latest and greatest edition of my East Coast Trail Guide (link), I have some more time on my hands to take in the local winter scenery. Here’s another nice sunset, this one’s over the Northumberland Strait:

The sea around the island has frozen over in most places, but there are still some gaps. When sea ice is shoved back and forth by the currents beneath, icy ridges are formed, like you see in this picture. To an imaginative mind, these ridges may resemble vast windswept mountain ranges, while in truth they are usually no taller than 2 metres.