Young foxes playing in the yard

This week our deck is home to a family foxes, we often see them playing right outside our window:

Family of red foxes outside our living room window

Red fox cuddle

The 4 kits are most active in the hours around sunset, but sometimes they spend a few minutes chasing each other through the yard during the day too. 🙂

Red Fox Dreaming

Last night I met a fox by the side of the road, she was patiently standing guard over her kits playing nearby. As I took her picture, a robin flew over and caught her attention:

Red fox – East Point, Prince Edward Island

You can see her wondering how it would taste if she could only fly after it…

Spring Snowfall and Staying Safe

Migratory birds have arrived on Prince Edward Island, we’ve had robins and grackles in the backyard for a while now, but that doesn’t mean spring weather is here too, in fact we’re on track to get a lot more snow this week, on top of all the snow we had yesterday:

Fox tracks in the snow – Red Point, PEI

This is a photo from this morning, when I was getting some fresh air at nearby Red Point.

I guess we could all use some fresh air right about now, because this pandemic, it’s distressing.

Marije and I are being very mindful about everything we do, while staying positive. We are taking the public health advisories and strict measures to heart, doing our part to slow the spread in our community. Also, I have asthma, so I don’t want to get anywhere near this bug.

One of the best ways to stay safe right now, social distancing, is right up my alley. When I’m outdoors hiking or photographing, I feel best when no one else is around for miles. And because Marije and I moved to Canada from Europe over a decade ago, we are already used to communicating with our family and friends over FaceTime.

We did have long-standing plans to visit Cape Breton next week, but we’ve canceled our trip in the face of what’s out there. For now, we are safer staying at home, and I hope that wherever you are, you are staying safe too.

Young foxes under the deck

This year the red fox underneath our deck gave birth to 3 baby foxes. When Marije and I were very quiet and motionless at our window we could see them playing outside on several sunny days, but after about a week with us they’ve moved on to a different den site nearby. The exact same thing happened last year, they moved back and forth a couple of times.

There is a chance these little ones will return to us in a week or so, until then I’ll just show you a picture of last year’s litter of 4:

Baby foxes in Souris, Prince Edward Island

Pretty darn cute right?

A strange find on the ice

When I was out exploring the island yesterday I came across a strange and slightly macabre find: 6 dead pigs on the ice.

When I spotted the lifeless outlines on the ice I initially assumed they were dead seals, sad as it may be that happens all the time when a bay freezes over and the animals can’t get to open water. When I took a closer look with my drone I soon saw they weren’t seals at all but pigs, frozen stiff and partially eaten by birds and other predators.

The closeup photos are a little too gruesome to just put on this blog, so here’s a photo of the scene from higher up:

So what’s the story here? How did these pigs end up on the ice, in the middle of the bay? My guess is they must have escaped from a nearby farm, huddled together for warmth on a cold dark night, but this winter is a cruel one and they did not survive the night.

A sad end for these pigs, but an absolute feast for the local wildlife, like this guy:

I’m sure it’s not every winter they come across a big meal like this!

Vacation in Atlantic Canada – early June

These are the images from the last 2 weeks of our vacation in which we toured Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia:

These next shots are from the Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick:

And the remaining shots are from Peggys Cove and Cape Breton in Nova Scotia:

And that was the last shot, taken on the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton Highlands National Park, a beautiful area I’d love to visit again some day.

Vacation on PEI – mid-May

Here’s a nice mix of images from the first week of our vacation in the Maritimes, all were taken in mid-May on Prince Edward Island:

As you can see it’s a little bit of everything, wildlife, scenery, some experimental stuff, a nice mix! 🙂

Mom’s here!

Look who’s here, my mom!

She’s here for a 5 week visit, and in just these last 3 days we’ve already seen lots and lots of the island. Spring is everywhere, new leaves, green grass, flowers, and animals, so our tour of Prince Edward Island is off to a great start!

I posted another story about our route a while back.

A family of foxes

Look who’s been living underneath our deck:

Pretty cute right?

We’ve been aware of a family of foxes around our house for a while now. Last month they lived underneath our deck for a short while: mom, dad, and 4 little ones. We found out thanks to the digging and barking of the neighbour’s dog, who was not at all pleased with these scruffy squatters. Shortly after the dog discovered them, the foxes left for a safer and quieter den somewhere nearby. Because we have an infrared wildlife camera set up we were able to see mom carry the kits off one by one. Since that night in mid-April they have stayed away, with only dad coming by every night to see if the den was still empty.

Yesterday however, and very much to our delight, the entire family showed up on our doorstep again! Perhaps they were rained out of their other den, the weather has been very wet for a few days now. Best of all, because the fox kits have grown a lot bigger they now show themselves during the day too, it’s great to be able to watch these little rascals right from the living room windows! 🙂

Spring is in the air

Sure it’s still snowing and storming and freezing, but for a few days a week the sun does shine and it surely feels like spring isn’t all that far away anymore. Here are some photos from this week and last week, from Kings County, Queens County, and Prince County:

The two shots above were taken at the Kildare Capes, where erosion has carved out all sorts of interesting caves and shapes in the cliffs.

This next shot shows a ‘wave of erosion’ facing the pack ice near Savage Harbour:

Sea glass I found at the beach there:

When I’m driving I see foxes all the time, sometimes I have my camera next to me so I can take their picture:

These last 3 shots were taken yesterday on a long walk to Blooming Point:

There is now so much ice covering the sea around PEI you cannot see the end of it, on satellite photos you can see it is as wide as the island itself!