The park at Norris Pond

Around Norris Pond in Souris, there are some nice walking trails near a pond, a bit of forest, and a sandy beach with red cliffs:

Beach at Norris Pond – Souris, PEI

Beach at Norris Pond – Souris, PEI

When I walk there I often wonder if the area will ever be turned into a ‘real’ park.

It wouldn’t take much work, a little trail cutting, a bit of grooming, a second crossing at the north side of the pond, and you’d be able to walk a really nice loop through a varied and unique bit of PEI scenery. 🙂

Icy north shore

As sunsets at the beach go, this was a bitter cold one:

Icy beach at sunset – Prince Edward Island

The sea ice on the north shore of Prince Edward Island didn’t stick around for very long this year, so I’m glad I got to see it while it was here. 🙂

New Year’s Day Sunset

The first day of the year was a cold one, and I spent the last few hours of it at the beach, quietly watching the sun set:

Sunset at Red Point Provincial Park – Prince Edward Island

Yesterday, a snowfall warning was in effect so Marije and I stayed inside as flurries started swirling around the house. Today, we waited until well in the afternoon before stepping outside and digging out. There was about a foot of snow all around the house, and even more on the car. Winter weather is here! 🙂

Early winter around Souris

It’s getting colder with every passing day, but every now and then it’s still beautiful outside. Here are 2 views from early winter around Souris:

Boardwalk in Souris, Prince Edward Island

Days like these are great for hitting the beach and walking the local forest trails, but then there’s also plenty of days like these:

A light cover of snow on Prince Edward Island

While we are looking forward to the coming 4 or 5 months of winter, we’re looking forward to spring even more… 😉

Warm fall day at the beach

On Prince Edward Island, November isn’t known for its balmy weather, but this week we got it anyway: 2 days above 20 degrees!

A sunny November day at the beach

To mark this unusual occasion I enjoyed an afternoon in the warm sand, that’s an aerial view of me on the beach in the picture above. 🙂

White Shark at Basin Head

Last year, off the coast of Nova Scotia, a great white shark was caught, weighed, measured, tagged with a tracker, given a name (Vimy), and released again. Now, you can follow this shark around online, have a look for yourself, it really gets around! Yesterday it was tracked to Basin Head on Prince Edward Island, a beach I go to all the time:

Great White Shark Vimy at Basin Head, PEI

To give you an idea what this beach looks like on a busy day, here’s a picture from last year’s summer:

Basin Head PEI – August 2019

When I look at this picture and the Ocearch tracking map I can’t help but think Vimy is swimming quite close to shore, especially when taking into account that Marije and I often go swimming near here at a similar distance from the beach. We often see seals swimming nearby too, and no doubt that’s what this white shark is looking for.

Next time we’re at the beach, we’ll be looking out for more than just jellyfish, is what I’m getting at. 🙂

Sunrise light

Here’s another photo from a few summers ago:

Sunrise on Prince Edward Island

I just love the soft light in these sunrise aerial shots!

Comet over Prince Edward Island

Comet Neowise has been sparkling in the sky over PEI for more than a week now:

Comet NEOWISE (C/2020 F3) above the North Shore, Prince Edward Island

This weekend we had 1 clear night, allowing me to photograph the comet with nothing but a star-filled sky around it and the calm surface of the Gulf of St. Lawrence below.

Comet Neowise should be visible for a few more days, maybe a week, so you can see it too. Go outside around midnight to some place where it’s properly dark and look to the north. With that big tail this comet may look like it’s going fast, but seen from earth it’s standing nearly as still as the stars around it. Binoculars will help you find it in the sky below the Big Bear, and while it’s not very bright, it sure is a special sight.

Raccoon & Ermine

Today I bumped into a raccoon at the beach, and since I found it in the exact same spot as my previous encounter, it’s probably the same one. Just like last time he didn’t mind getting his picture taken:

Raccoon in a tight spot – Souris

Later in the afternoon I spotted an ermine, who was also quite curious:

Ermine among the rocks – Souris

Pretty fun encounters, brief though they were 🙂

Spring Snowfall and Staying Safe

Migratory birds have arrived on Prince Edward Island, we’ve had robins and grackles in the backyard for a while now, but that doesn’t mean spring weather is here too, in fact we’re on track to get a lot more snow this week, on top of all the snow we had yesterday:

Fox tracks in the snow – Red Point, PEI

This is a photo from this morning, when I was getting some fresh air at nearby Red Point.

I guess we could all use some fresh air right about now, because this pandemic, it’s distressing.

Marije and I are being very mindful about everything we do, while staying positive. We are taking the public health advisories and strict measures to heart, doing our part to slow the spread in our community. Also, I have asthma, so I don’t want to get anywhere near this bug.

One of the best ways to stay safe right now, social distancing, is right up my alley. When I’m outdoors hiking or photographing, I feel best when no one else is around for miles. And because Marije and I moved to Canada from Europe over a decade ago, we are already used to communicating with our family and friends over FaceTime.

We did have long-standing plans to visit Cape Breton next week, but we’ve canceled our trip in the face of what’s out there. For now, we are safer staying at home, and I hope that wherever you are, you are staying safe too.