A strange find on the ice

When I was out exploring the island yesterday I came across a strange and slightly macabre find: 6 dead pigs on the ice.

When I spotted the lifeless outlines on the ice I initially assumed they were dead seals, sad as it may be that happens all the time when a bay freezes over and the animals can’t get to open water. When I took a closer look with my drone I soon saw they weren’t seals at all but pigs, frozen stiff and partially eaten by birds and other predators.

The closeup photos are a little too gruesome to just put on this blog, so here’s a photo of the scene from higher up:

So what’s the story here? How did these pigs end up on the ice, in the middle of the bay? My guess is they must have escaped from a nearby farm, huddled together for warmth on a cold dark night, but this winter is a cruel one and they did not survive the night.

A sad end for these pigs, but an absolute feast for the local wildlife, like this guy:

I’m sure it’s not every winter they come across a big meal like this!


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