Finding new places to hike

This week I’ve been out and about trying to find some places where I can go for a nice long walk along the coast. I used to explore coastal trails all the time while I lived in Newfoundland but I got out of the habit on Vancouver Island, where there were no coastal trails anywhere near our home.

After a few weeks on PEI I’m already starting to discover some nice coastal trails though, some just run along the beach, while others run atop the crumbling red cliffs themselves.

Here are some photos from the last few days:

Morning waves - Basin Head Beach

Morning waves – Basin Head Beach

Basin Head Beach is one of the more obvious places to go for a long walk near Souris; from the visitor centre to the end of the beach it’s just over 4.5 km, so a return walk on this beach is a very nice way to stretch your legs and get some fresh sea air while you’re at it.

I walked the length of this beach Monday morning, and was continuously treated to a show of northern gannets flying alongside me, some of them even plunge-diving down for a fish from time to time:


On Tuesday morning I stopped by the beach at Red Point, where there was a beautiful light show unfolding on the horizon:2016-10-25__08-37-36


When the sun briefly pierced the clouds the beach lit up with all kinds of soft reds:


After the beach I explored some new back roads in the interior of the island, these roads were littered with leaves that had been ripped from the trees by this weekend’s high winds. At the moment it seems like we’ve got a fall storm coming through every week or so, we’re loving it!

2016-10-25__09-38-18 2016-10-25__09-45-46

This particular forest lane continued all the way out to the coast, where I was pleasantly surprised to find an unnamed trail that ran just above the cliffs:

2016-10-25__10-21-06 2016-10-25__10-42-10 2016-10-25__10-45-12 2016-10-25__10-48-36


Beaches, Forests


Thanks and very true, beautiful beaches and cliffs and yet it would be nice to find a vantage point high enough to spot some whales from, I’m sure there’s plenty to see! 🙂

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