First week of fall

This weekend Marije and I are moving our stuff from the storage facility into our new home in Souris. A mini move compared to last month’s mega move, but still it’s a lot of work. We’ll be staying in our hotel room for a few more days but by next weekend we hope to be all unpacked and enjoying the comforts of home once again. I can’t wait!

For now, let me show you some pictures of this past week, the first week of fall:

view from the lighthouse - Souris

view from the lighthouse – Souris

The picture above shows the view from the top of the Souris lighthouse; among other things you can see Marije’s place of work, it’s the white building on the right side where all the little cars are parked.

Here’s what the lighthouse lantern room looks like from the inside:

inside the lighthouse - Souris

inside the lighthouse – Souris

We’ve only been on the island for a short time but I can already tell East Point is a great place to go birding. When I was there Tuesday morning I saw northern gannets, eider ducks, great cormorants, surf scoters, red-breasted mergansers, all kinds of gulls and shorebirds, and even a peregrine falcon.

northern gannet - East Point

northern gannet – East Point

Most of the birds were there to dive down and search for a meal on the seafloor, just like this grey seal who came up with a face full of red mud every now and then:

red grey seal - East Point

red grey seal – East Point

The waves themselves were pretty interesting too. Because the two tides meet at this end of the island, you’ll often see waves coming in from left and right, cresting when they wash over each other:


On Wednesday I drove through the countryside and found a pleasantly yellow crop of canola, complete with buzzing bees:

canola pollinator - Gowan Brae

canola pollinator – Gowan Brae

The backroads where these fields are located are so quiet there’s no need to park your car, you can just leave it where you stopped:

canola crops - Gowan Brae

canola crops – Gowan Brae

Today was another lovely sunny day so I explored several walking trails in nearby Greenwich, which is a part of Prince Edward Island National Park:

Havre St. Pierre Trail - Greenwich

Havre St. Pierre Trail – Greenwich

As I was hoping, fall colours were starting to show in some areas of the park:

Fall colours on Tlaqatik Trail - Greenwich

Fall colours on Tlaqatik Trail – Greenwich

Fall colours on Sanderson Farm Trail - Greenwich

Fall colours on Sanderson Farm Trail – Greenwich

The coming days will be filled with unpacking and waiting for furniture and utilities to arrive, but after that I’m ready to explore some more, it’s pretty clear we’ve landed on another beautiful island!


Sightseeing, Wildlife


Beautiful! Turns out I was in Souris after all (I was getting it mixed up with another town). I went to that lighthouse and gift shop. When I was there the top was off the lighthouse, out for repair, and it looked pretty funny.
That’s where you can take the ferry to the Magdalen Islands, that would be a great adventure for you!

Yes, I’ve seen that ferry come and go a few times now, I had the same thought about a visit to the Magdalen Islands, maybe I can do it as a walk-on or with a bicycle, explore the place on a long weekend 🙂

I’m glad the lighthouse is now restored to its full glory, it’s the only one in PEI where visitors are allowed out on the balcony, a pretty cool experience!

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