Home Alone on PEI

I was supposed to be in Newfoundland this week! Marije is there right now for a conference and when we initially learned about her trip we planned to go together.

Then came the big move from BC to PEI, things got turned upside down and now I’m Home Alone in PEI.

Well, I’m in a hotel room alone so it’s more like Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

cheese pizza in a limousine - Home Alone 2

cheese pizza in a limousine – Home Alone 2

Kevin’s limousine is about as big as my hotel room so that’s a good comparison, cheese pizza included. Of course, instead of skyscrapers and theatres I have cliffs and beaches, and I explored them even further this week, with some expected and unexpected findings…

The first thing I did after dropping off Marije at the airport was visit Thunder Cove. There are some rock formations there that are very ephemeral, crumbling away with every passing year. Here’s a well known view of ‘teacup rock’ as seen through the archway:


teacup rock and the archway – Thunder Cove, Darnley

This next shot shows just how unstable the archway is:

crumbling archway - Thunder Cove, Darnley

crumbling archway – Thunder Cove, Darnley

I also visited Panmure Island, its lighthouse, and the beach there:

Lighthouse on Panmure Island

Lighthouse on Panmure Island

Inside the lighthouse:

a view of Panmure beach

a view of Panmure beach

On the way home I saw an Amish farmer working his field. From what I understand the Amish people moved to this island only a few months before we did, and they’re very friendly:

Amish farmer - Dundas

Amish farmer – Dundas

Closer to home I explored the beach at the very end of Basin Head Provincial Park:

strange trail - Basin Head beach

strange trail – Basin Head beach

sandpiper - Basin Head beach

sandpiper – Basin Head beach

After seeing all the usual critters I ran into this smelly thing, a whale carcass:

whale carcass - Basin Head beach

whale carcass – Basin Head beach

Pretty gross, but also pretty fascinating. This whale was about 8 metres (26 ft) long, and it looked to me like a minke whale. Poor thing. Apparently that big yellow house is a rental cottage, and this whale was an unexpected ‘bonus’ for its current inhabitants. At least the wind was blowing the other way!

Because I don’t want to finish my story on such a smelly note, here’s a pretty picture taken 20 minutes later, of the sun setting on the beach:

Sunset - Basin Head beach

Sunset – Basin Head beach


Oh my gosh, your photos rival those of the tourist brochures!!! I never heard of Thunder Cove, what a pity I missed it, it looks gorgeous. I went up in the lighthouse on Panmure Island as well, but it was a grey day when I was there and very windy. Love the photos!!!

Thanks so much Karen, I will definitely look up these brochures 🙂
From what I have gathered so far, Thunder Cove is one of several places on the north shore where there are rock formations, I’m not quite sure where the others all are but I’ll keep looking until I find them.

Panmure was lovely, I had the luxury of picking a nice blue day for my visit, I had some grey days this week too but I just spent those stretching my legs on the local beach 🙂

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