A walk on Souris Beach – Take Two


Colourful Souris Beach

In the first weeks after arriving in a new hometown, things are always a little bit basic.

Instead of a home we have a hotel room, instead of a computer we have handheld devices, instead of our own washer we use a laundromat 40km away, you get the idea, it’s all a little basic until the moving truck shows up with our stuff.

So yesterday, after 18 days on the move, our moving truck showed up with our stuff! Since we don’t have our own home yet we had it all put into storage except for one thing which I took home with me, my computer. Now that I have that, I can start browsing through the photos I’ve been taking of Prince Edward Island and of all the things we saw on the way over here.

To kick things off, I’m posting pictures of another walk on Souris Beach, this time in sunny weather, which really makes the colours pop! It may look a little strange but yes, Souris Beach is red. This is a common theme around the island, red beaches, red cliffs, red fields, even red roads.

2016-09-12__15-34-20 2016-09-12__15-37-01

A little closer to the edge of the water I snapped this shot of the multi-coloured water, but the real subject is on the horizon, it’s the reason we moved to PEI in the first place, Marije’s work:

Marije's workplace - Souris

Marije’s workplace – Souris

The next shot is panned way to the left, a closeup of Souris itself:

Souris - Prince Edward Island

Souris – Prince Edward Island

Now that you’ve seen those two important things, here are some pictures with regular beach stuff:

2016-09-12__14-38-28-2 2016-09-12__14-36-22 2016-09-12__14-44-43-2 2016-09-12__15-10-51 2016-09-12__15-13-38

Over the course of the following weeks I’ll be showing you many more new PEI pictures but also some shots from our long journey here. Stay tuned!





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